Without Religion, You Can’t Hire Enough Cops!

Without Religion, You Can’t Hire Enough Cops!

I can assure you that the statement above is true.

America’s founding principles are based upon Judeo/Christian Precepts. It appears that “Modernity”, as manifested in the main features of what is now called the “Post-Modern Era” is in many ways incompatible with these religious rules-for-living within a democracy (more accurately, in our case, a Constitutional Republic).

Some may think that the main challenge to America, now, is find a way to make its Religions compatible with Modernity. But the religious principles and laws central to Judeo/Christian  beliefs, as illustrated by all history are not infinitely malleable.

The belief in God and His Commandments are inviolate for the attainment of a fair measure sociocultural success on earth.

However, I must argue that this is a necessary, though not a sufficient condition for sociocultural success on earth…a superior military and civil police force, etc. are also necessary.

The so-called Post-Modern Era will have to find a way accommodate all of this or it will lead to “hell on earth”.

See the video below and tell me what you think.


V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 1/2/15

P.S. Thanks to Lee Horack for sending this video to me.

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