Submariners Videotape Women Officers In Showers

Submariners Videotape Women Officers In Showers

Well, who would have ever though such a thing might occur?!

Lets see:

1. Put over 115, men, or more, in a giant steel tube.

2. Train them to know every inch of that giant steel tube, every single nook an cranny, every single piece of machinery and every point of access to that machinery. This the way they qualify to be a full-fledged member of the crew on a submarine . For this they are awarded their coveted Dauphin insignias which they proudly wear on their uniforms.

3. Now submerge them in an ocean and have them perform their duties for two months and up to several more, depending on the mission. They will not normally surface for this period of time. During their patrol they will be deprived of their families, wives, girlfriends and all of the real world above the water. They will deal with boredom, demanding round-the-clock work schedules, and ever-present danger (fire, flooding, nuclear contamination, and more).

4. Sexual deprivation among these men is extreme.

5. Now add  several women to this crew.

A. Do you suppose there would be an increased likelihood problems with sexual behavior?

B. Do you suppose that the Navy has better things to do than investigate, prosecute and discipline men and women who predictably do sexual things that damage the discipline and military readiness necessary to outclass all other militaries at killing people and destroying things?

C. Do believe that killing people and destroying things represents the first and most important mission of our military, including our submarine fleet?

D. Do you believe that anything that detracts from and impairs this essential role of our military, should never be done….no matter what?

If you cannot give a resounding “No” to all of these questions, I must question your reasoning. It would then appear that you have put a radical-liberal social and political philosophy ahead of the practical requirements for America’s survival in an extremely dangerous world.

Please see the article below about the submarine service. Then see the other articles documenting dramatic increases in sexual behavior problems since females (an openly practicing gays) have been integrated into close service under prolonged, confined, deprived and dangerous conditions.

Until this politically imposed change in our military is rescinded, increased levels of sexual problems, as well as the futile and expensive efforts to deal with them, will continue.

The following article focuses on homosexual behavior in the military. It appropriately decries the legalization and pornification of our society. However, greater emphasis should be placed upon the political imposition of admitted and openly practicing homosexuals into our military.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 12/14/14

P.S. Thanks to Lee Hornack for alerting me to these events.


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