Militant/Radical Islam: Death By “A Thousand Cuts” For Western Civilization…Including America

Militant/Radical Islam: Death By “A Thousand Cuts” for Western Civilization…Including America

The following video will support my view that militant/radical Islam, and those who practice it, must be identified and deported from America, if not incarcerated.

I know that this sounds extreme, but militant Islam is an existential threat to America and if we enter the realm of pathological denial about this fact, our socioculture will die a slow and agonizing death. A death of a thousand  social and political Islamic cuts.

The most basic reality that America must face is that the freedoms we cherish are perfectly incompatible with radical or militant Islam.  These belief systems are unalterably inversely related and if brought together, one will prosper and the other will be eradicated. The theological, ideological, social and political survival contest will be on.

The growth of a population of Militant Islamists in America will spell our tortuous death by a “thousand cuts” to its very soul.

If you do not believe me, please do a Web search on the effects of militant Islam upon England, France, Germany, Australia and the Netherlands, etc. These countries have grievously damaged themselves by allowing large numbers of rapidly reproducing Islamists across their borders. Islamists who now have become a growing political and militant force destructive to liberty in each case.

Without purging themselves of Militant Islamists, these countries, as well as our own, will represent the death of Western Culture and the hegemony of Radical Islam.

Please see the following video and consider conducting your own research on this topic. 

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 12/9/14

P.S. I would like to believe that the majority of peaceful non-militant Muslims in America will find a way  to cooperatively live within our America’s Constitutional Republic. I have not been reassured by them, however. They have been largely silent in their condemnation of their crazed and bloody fellow militant Muslims.

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