Obama Shot America Down: Clinton Will Administer The Coup De Gras

Obama Shot America Down: Clinton Will Administer The Coup De Gras

Hillary Clinton must be psychotic!  Nah…she’s just appealing to her ignorant and/or nutty base.

Who in their right mind could really believe that “empathizing” with ISIS, and the rest of the many mutations of pathological killers that embody world-wide Radical Islamic Terrorism, is a rational prescription for survival?

Hillary must understand that lying to an infidel is not a sin..and it is the norm amongst radical Islamists. She must certainly know that lying to infidels in order to  convert, or tax, or kill them is mandated by Allah!

How has being understanding, being patient and empathizing with Iran’s nuclear program done for us? How has all of that, along with giving-up land for peace, worked for the Israelis? How has it worked for America when President Obama went on his repentant good-will tour to the Islamic Middle East, groveling and bowing deeply to its leaders?

Radical Islam is waging a World War (WWIII) against all infidels. They happily shoot men, women and children. They starve them to death, or cut off their heads and put them on pikes in order to terrorize the world’s “infidel” population into accepting their brutal and murderous political-theocracy.

If America cannot adopt the following philosophy of self-defense against those who happily bomb themselves to “heaven” in order to also kill us”infidels”…the 21st. Century will see our demise.

The fools who voted to support radical liberalism, progressive socialism/communism, repeated bald-faced lies, the dismantling of our armed forces, propaganda rather than our true history and current events; those who have caused America’s moral social and financial  ruin….they will get the tyranny they deserve.

 It will be a Post-Modern tragedy that the rest of us, America’s Constitution abiding patriots and our like-minded loved ones, will not.

See the following for the full story about my concerns:


V. Thomas Mawhinney, 12/8/14

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