Socialists’ Design For America’s Destruction

Socialists’ Design For America’s Destruction

Like most practical minded Americans, I am suspicious of conspiracy theories. However, I have diligently researched the following information you will find at the bottom of this page and it is factual.

We are not paranoid if some one (or some organizations) are really out to get us.

It is essential that every American evaluate the following Cloward-Priven plan to destroy America.

Please, then further investigate the true existence of this socialist/communist revolutionary plan for yourself. Simply do a Google search for“Cloward-Priven”. You will find many citations there for you to evaluate.

Once you have done this, please further consider whether (or not) the various amazingly “illogical”, “stupid”, or  “inept” Obama administration decisions (or lack-of-decisions)  perfectly conform to this plan.

Do this and it is likely that bewilderment will resolve to a reality-based clarity.

I implore you to study the following written history about the key people and organizations that comprise the forces behind the ongoing rapid “Transformation of America”. You will have to enlarge the text (see + sign at top of page) to read it comfortably.

Then for the big picture, analyze the flow-chart of the destruction of America strategy on the right side of that page.

Wake-Up America!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 12/4/14

P.S. Thanks to Lee Hornack for reminding me of the Cloward-Priven plan for the destruction of America. The plan which best explains Obama’s otherwise incomprehensible behavior.

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