America’s Marxist/Anarchist Orchestrated Riots

America’s Marxist/Anarchist Orchestrated Riots

Glenn Beck provides a  strategic historical Marxist context to recent riots in America. He then explains why they will not intensify to revolutionary proportions.

With regard to his last conclusion, I am not so certain. He presents that Americans are slow to anger and aggression.

To that I ask which class of Americans? Would that be the teeming populations in our ghettos, about 12 million  illegal immigrants who remain disenfranchised in our country, the many clandestine militias that arm themselves and prepare for civil war, the Marxist rioters and political operatives organized and finance by socialist/communist forces, or the so-called “silent majority” who act as though they have no “skin in the game”?

And, what about President Obama and his lying-cheating staffs of political minions, all radical liberal/progressives dedicated to “Transforming America“!?

In the end, the occurrence and outcomes of our riots may come down to numbers. It could even come down to a perception of the numbers, accurate or not.

We are in perilous times and it is a fact that historically the timing and outcomes of revolutionary activities are difficult to predict.

This video presentation is very informative and historically accurate, All Americans need to understand the origins and nature of these destructive forces.

We can only hope that Beck is correct in his predictions about the stability of America’s socioculture.

Please take time to watch Beck’s discussion of this important concern.

I will also urge you to watch the second video of Louis Farrakhan urging college students and members of his Nation of Islam to kill white people and “tear this G..-Damn Country apart”.

Wake-Up America!

V. Thomas Mawhinney,  12/3/14

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