The Truth About Blacks, Cops, Riots, Etc.

The Truth About Blacks, Cops, Riots, Etc.

Bill O’Reilly presents the hard facts about black crime and cops. He backs it all up with hard data. Having these data compacted together in one place is a service that his research staff has done for us all.

But only a relatively small segment of our population will ever see these facts and fewer still will come under their control.

Not many who are demonstrating, rioting, looting and destroying public and private property will be persuaded to stop. For many, the real reasons they riot have little to do with their professed reasons.

I believe this is something that needs to be more broadly understood.

A great many, I believe a large majority, of demonstrators and rioters are (wittingly or unwittingly) part of a coalition of destructive forces that have been witnessed through all  history: There are at least six classes of individuals who are currently fanning the flames of racial conflict, God forbid the possibility of racial war in America. There actually seven, if we count the so-called “Silent Majority.

Perhaps you can identify more…why don’t you try?

Some individuals are:

  •  Vacuous, irrational or misguided, though well-intentioned, citizens who really believe they are  helping to solve a terrible systemic problem among America’s police officers.
  • Barbarians who itch for an opportunity to perpetrate death, destruction, violence upon our society’s symbols of success, traditions and order.
  • Simpletons who are resentful of living under marginal or deprived conditions and are easily incited to join the barbarians.
  • “Professional” revolutionaries and anarchists who organize to travel to “hot-spots” in order to destabilize social structures and to catalyze incipient chaos for various reasons.
  • Influential Race-hustlers and race-baiters who use social disorder and carefully chosen examples of alleged unequal treatment or abuse of their constituents to garner special goods and services for them, as well as greater power and wealth for themselves.
  • The voracious media aggressively competing amongst themselves for ratings and hegemony within their industry ( i.e., “If it bleeds, it leads”), etc.. Their infused massive presence sets the occasion for intensified disorder and rioting, as well as allegations and counter-allegations.
  • Progressive/radical liberal politicians who use Marxist/Leninist, socialist/communist revolutionary strategies to destroy America’s Constitutional Republic.

For now the galvanizing issue they use is “police brutality to Blacks”.  Other points of attack are pollution,, global warming and other environmental issues; economic inequality; LGBT initiatives; and many other alleged abuses and inequalities.

Also complicit in all that is unfolding in America is the previously mentioned silent majority. This is the presumed majority that does nothing to counterbalance the forces of America’s undoing; and the ones who abstain from America’s voting processes which could tip the scales of our decline back in the direction of recovery and survival.

And so it is in Post-Modern America.

Now, please let Bill O’Reilly tell you the truth about blacks and cops.

V. Thomas Mawhinney,  12/2/14

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