“Transforming America”: How Are We Doing?

“Transforming America”: How Are We Doing?

The fastest way to “transform America”, or any socioculture for that matter, is to simply not teach the culture to the youth.

We can then speed things up even more by rapidly growing a welfare system to increase the dependency of a vast percentage of the population on the government.  Then we could import a mass of relatively uneducated immigrants who do not speak English from a markedly different culture. This would nicely overwhelm the culture’s existing acculturation mechanisms.

It would also be useful to destroy the economy, foment a race war, undermine the rule of law and impair Constitutional governance.

All of these “micro-transformations” will certainly facilitate the desired “Macro-transformation”.

How do you think we are doing?

V. Thomas Mawhinney,  11/28/14

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