Officer Wilson speaks…We Need To Listen

Officer Wilson speaks…We Need To Listen

I am a psychologist and have worked with police officers for over 20 years. I evaluate them as police candidates and recommend, or not recommend, that they go forward in the evaluation processes.

I have provided evaluations and therapy after officers have been shot, stabbed, beaten or otherwise injured in the line of duty.

I have also evaluated officers and made recommendations as to their fitness for duty.

I have recommended that they be terminated from police departments as a result of their problem behaviors.

I have provided these services to close to a dozen police and fire departments, again for roughly two decades.

It is in light of these experiences that I unequivocally state the following:

The vast majority of police officers are wonderful, honest, patriotic, courageous  citizens who work diligently to keep you and your communities safe.

They should be honored, not vilified.  They race to awful and terrifying situations that most citizens will run away from; unless they are hopelessly trapped in such a scenario.

I am simply outraged that the Obama Administration and other race-baiting activists are doing all that they can to stimulate a race war focused upon America’s police officers. The leaders of all of this mayhem are not honest in their intent. They are trying mightily to foment revolutionary changes in America that damage, not strengthen, our Constitutional Republic.

Sensible people must know that there are good clergy and bad clergy, good and bad M.D’s., good and bad parents, and good and bad blacks and whites. There are good and bad white and black cops! No matter the category of humanity: There are goods and bads in every walk of life.

Wake-Up America! We need to politically rebel against the race baiters..and we know who they are by simply listening to their logic and remembering their past behavior patterns. The broad-sweeping allegations of these people are childish and without merit…they are worthy of our scorn and strong rejection.

I challenge you to watch the following video and tell me whether you think officer Wilson is guilty of murder, or not.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 11/26/14

Health Services Provider in Psychology
Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Indiana University South Bend

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