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Imagine The World Without America!

November 23, 2014

Imagine A World Without America !

Give it a try on your own.

I will bet, that if you know your World and American history, that you will find this challenge to be a very interesting one.

Then see the new movie by Dinesh D’ Souza entitled: America: Imagine The World Without Her.

Progressive/Radical Liberal reviewers have labeled this movie as an example of conservative revisionism. However, my own studies of world and American history, finds that Dinesh has provided America’s (and the world’s) “low information crowd” a wonderful antidote to the Marxist/revolutionary, hate America, propaganda that now is huckstered as the truth about America’s legacy.

The first URI below is a review of this movie. The second one is one of may locations to purchase the movie. Or, see it play in a theater.

I hope you and your loved ones will view America: Imagine The World Without Her very soon.

V. Thomas Mawhinney,  11/23/14

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