Obama To Ferguson Demonstrators: “Stay The Course”

Obama To Ferguson Demonstrators: “Stay The Course”

President Obama has made a move straight-out of Saul Alinsky’s and the Marxist’s revolutionary playbooks.

It is a move that could stimulate conditions igniting even more explosive rioting and violence in Ferguson, and elsewhere. Perhaps to a level sufficient to justify armed federal government intrusion and martial control, which I fear would suit Obama’s purposes.

Al Sharpton told the Times that President Obama met with protestors from Ferguson on Nov. 5th and he encouraged them to: “Stay the course”.

It is hard to interpret the meaning of “Stay on the course”, taken out-of-context.  However, when viewed in light of the Obama Administration’s clear distrust of Ferguson officials and citizens to properly adjudicate the fatal police shooting of  a black teen there, Obama’s motives deserve suspicion. 

Obama reportedly also told protestors that “he hopes we (i.e., they) are doing all we can to keep the peace”. This obligatory statement is akin to instructing someone to pour gasoline on a fire, but not to let it flair-up.

Please see this video for another “Big Picture” perspective on Obama’s involvement in the Ferguson situation.


V. Thomas Mawhinney, 11/18/14

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