An Impeachable Offense!

An Impeachable Offense!

In the following video, both Kelly and Charles Krauthammer seem not to comprehend that Obama fully understands that an Executive order will set a precedent for future Presidents to steal power away from Congress and the American citizens they represent. Kelly and Charles oddly agree that Obama’s promised move is “short-sighted” because republicans will likely do the same to the democrats in retaliation.

But, they underestimate him. There is no way Obama fails to understand this massively damaging Constitutional outcome.

Obama is far from short-sighted.

Obama’s short-term goal is to set conditions that will dismantle America’s Constitutional Republic in order to further his long-term post-presidential goals of a socialized America increasingly managed by simple presidential dictate.

Obama is a traitorous genius and he must be impeached in spite of the short-term political and social disruptions it may cause. I conclude this because the long-range disasters wrought by his dictatorial successes are more likely destroy our Citizen’s Republic: The one that was once the world’s great and miraculous America.

I fear that most American’s do not understand that Marxist Obama was placed in the Presidency to destroy America and he is succeeding amazingly well. Those who surreptitiously orchestrated his rise to power will remain behind the scenes for sometime to come.

I urge you to read Chandler’s book, The Shadow World. Or, search   on my blog site for some reviews of it. Please also read Saul Alinsky’s book, Rules for radicals. You may also search on this blog site for my reviews of Alinsky’s dastardly methods for fomenting revolutions.

Understand that Obama is a political student and teacher of these and other similar manifestos of social and political revolution.

You will find that the discussion below foreshadows my grave concerns.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 11/16/14

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2 Responses to “An Impeachable Offense!”

  1. vtmawhinney Says:

    I’m sorry that I do not get the point of your remark. O.K. I’m with ya. Maybe, maybe not. Read the whole blog and you will see he can win either way! Tom


  2. jplume Says:

    Do you think he cares?


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