“Obama Declares War On Republicans And Founding Fathers”

Obama Declares War On Republicans And Founding Fathers”

This title is correct, but it fails to tell the whole truth about our President Obama.

President Obama has declared war on the United States of America.

It is his own form of Islamic Jihad against America and its elements are comprised of lies, half-truths, the use of media to propagandize the population, and he uses nearly all of the the principles of Marxist revolutionary methods to achieve his goals . Of course,one of his goals is the destruction of  governing America’s  Constitution.

If the documentation, below, of what I am saying does not convince skeptics, nothing will.


Now, please see Bill O’Reilly speak-out on the problem of Obama’s destruction of our Constitutional Republic. Obama is now closing-in, during his last two years, for the killing of America.

http://video.foxnews.com/v/3890732 682001/president-obama-declaring-war-on-the-republican-party-/#sp=show-clips

Wake-up America!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 11/14/14

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