The Marxist Narrative, Critical Theory and Propaganda In America

The Marxist narrative, Critical Theory and Propaganda In America

Most Americans as are not dumb. But, they are ignorant as to what is happening to them and to the American culture they live in.

It is like over 300,000,000 people are lined up on a railroad track with a train murderously plowing into those at the front, with lethal effect. Therefore, those in the rear remain ignorant of the rolling catastrophe that approaches. They remain too ignorant to get out-of-the-way.

What is needed to save America is no more complicated than understanding the actions of increasing numbers of traitorous politicians and then voting them out of office.

Do this and we are saved!

Please increase your understanding and share it with friends. Watch this video.

V. Tomas Mawhinney, 11/10/14

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