Obama: A Political “Kamikaze Pilot”

Obama: A Political “Kamikaze Pilot”

Obama really is a political kamikaze pilot, but in terms more aligned with his personal sentiments we might more accurately think of him as a political “terrorist suicide bomber”.

Obama cares nothing for his party, or any others that pursue liberty. He cares only about destroying the Constitutional Republic of America. Politically speaking, he is willing to sacrifice his own reputation and that of the Democratic Party to complete his avowed transformational  mission.

Thank God that the many rank-and-file democrats were unwilling to join Obama in his political suicide pact.

However, the wonderful results of this mid-term election are only a small fraction of what is needed to save our Republic.

You must read Mark Levin’s “”The Liberty Amendments” to discover strong and enduring solutions to the unremitting progressive revolutionist attacks upon our precious American Constitutional Republic.

I believe that the amendments he recommends are  essential to blocking future Obama-like “end runs” and other trick play attempts to subvert and pervert our amazing Constitution.

Please understand, as our Founding Fathers so clearly did, the growth of Statism with its inevitably corrupting centralized power structure is, and always has been, everywhere the death of liberty.

Stronger checks and balances against the abuse of governmental power are essential to protect America from tyrannical politicians, hiding  in all parties, willing to steal devious plays from various Marxist/Leninist playbooks.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 11/5/14

P.S. This is my first blog following my ankle replacement surgery, one week ago.  I  have missed the privilege of communicating with you.

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