Elections Will Not Save America

Elections Will Not Save America

Huckabee does a great job of naming many of the recent cultural and political changes in America that defy “common sense”. He is perfect in his analysis, in my view.  I do not doubt that a moral and spiritual awakening, as well as “a big dose of common sense” is what is needed.

Please see the following.


But, exactly how to achieve these lost American Attributes is the issue.

I believe that in order to achieve a moral and spiritual awakening, America will have to experience some very hard and humbling times. I believe these are on the way as our continuing cultural decline and Wold War III (I’ll call it a continuation of the Crusades) with radical Islam will likely bring great fear and suffering upon us all. With regard to a spiritual awakening, I believe it is “No Pain, No Gain”.

Regarding the  “common sense” issue, the question is: Whose definition of “common sense” is to be used? For “old time” mores and folkways as well as standards of judgment, there will have to be a return of power to local and State governance. There will have to be an end to Judicial and Federal tyranny, usurping the “will of the people” and imposing radical liberal values, standards and rules for behavior on us all. There will have to be an end to wide-spread corruption in the electoral process.

None of these things can be accomplished without important changes in the rules that govern our Constitutional Republic. Progressive politicians and judges have found ways to distort the meaning of important aspects of America’s Constitution and Amendments are required to bolster the true intent of our Founding Fathers and to save the Republic.

Please see my previous post on this very topic for a clear understanding of what must be done.


V. Thomas Mawhinney, 10/28/14


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