Obama Is A Muslim: True or False?

Obama Is A Muslim: True or False?

The answer to this question has been hotly debated and much information, True and False, abounds.

The facts, and so-called facts, do not prove the case either way in my view.  We are left to evaluate the preponderance of evidence and to decide what the probable answer to this important question is. 

I will put forth two strong videos, one supporting the False argument and one supporting the True argument. Each video presents its own strengths and weaknesses… for example the “True” video is comprised of many of Obama’s out-of-context quotes. The “False” video invalidates some false allegations, however it will not convince many.

In this matter, one must judge the probabilities based upon the evidence available at this time.

In my view, Obama’s pulling all our troops out of Iraq and his plans to pull them out of Afghanistan, with a predictable resurgence of radical Islamic forces is most troubling. Further, his inane responses to Iran’s nuclear threat, the growing ISIS terrorist Islamic State along with their mass slaughter of Infidels, and his lack of support for Israel, is enough to cause me serious concern about his sentiments.

Finally, Obama’s stubborn refusal to admit that increasing murderous attacks by Muslim  individuals ( and recent converts) in America, Canada, and around the world are the work of Islamic terrorists is simply an outrageous. It is a perfect example of his denial of an obvious truth. One that is devoid of any rational explanation other than…Well, maybe you can think of one.

Yes, I have already selected my answer to this quiz question…So now it is your turn.

First is a strong argument for a False answer to this issue. Please select the one by Bill O’Reilly shown below.


Second is a strong presentation in favor of a True answer to this issue.


Perhaps you can suggest more evidence for a True or False answer?

So, “Obama is a Muslim: True or False?”

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 10/25/14


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    TRUE and TRUE


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