3000 Troops To Help Africa With Ebola: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?!

3000 Troops To Help Africa With Ebola: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?!

What good Christian would not wish to help the African population save themselves from the horrid disease, Ebola?

But at what possible costs to those we send into harms way, to the citizens of America, and ultimately, to the viability of the United States of America?

What could possibly go wrong?

1. We do not have 3000 soldiers to spare. We are in World War III with Islamic terrorists. Radical Islam is splintering into countless cells and individual terrorists around the world. They are entering the U.S. at alarming rates through our open borders. They are also converting our U.S. citizens to Islamic terrorist ideologies in our Mosques, prisons and over the internet in unknown numbers.

2. We do not have 3000 soldiers to spare. Our borders are open and unprotected. If we were to put 3000 soldiers anywhere, it should be on our border to secure them against further invasion by aliens and by Islamic terrorists.

3. 3ooo American soldiers in Ebola-infested parts of Africa will be at heightened risk for contracting Ebola. Obama has been drastically reducing the size of our military for sometime. An Ebola-ridden army would further reduce our military readiness for the great conflict that is certain to continue for a very long time. 

4. American soldiers returning from Africa infected with Ebola may start an epidemic of this deadly disease in America. This, at a time when America is under attack from inside and outside by Islamic terrorists, our economy is grossly impaired, our V. A. medical system ( and the entire medical system) is badly damaged, one quarter of our population is out of work, increasing proportions of our citizens are on welfare, and our government is viewed as incompetent and untrustworthy, etc….and the list of woes goes on.

5. 3000 American soldiers will be deployed to Africa, where civil strife and Islamic terrorism is rampant and unchecked. What could go wrong? See the following video:


I am certain that I have not anticipated all that could go wrong.

Do we really need more to know that this is another of one of Obama’s many bad moves for America?

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 9/27/14

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