Liar Obama B. S.: “No Religion Condones The Killing Of Innocents”

Liar Obama B. S.: “No Religion Condones The Killing Of Innocents”

When will America’s “Silent Majority” rise-up and do something about our Liar-In-Chief, Obama, who continues to shame us all with his inability to tell the truth about virtually anything.

It is no exaggeration to label Barrack Obama a pathological liar. America has never seen his likes in the office of the Presidency.

Obama will be the death of thousands of American’s in the future, simply because he is generally sympathetic to Islam and will not tell the truth about Islamic Terrorism.  Obama has purposefully and dramatically increased America’s vulnerability to Radical Islam’s murderous Jihadist designs under Obama’s accommodating, even facilitating,  regime.

America, you had better understand that the crazy bastard in the video below is sending his clones to America to kill, or convert, you and your loved ones.

Understand also that this man, Barrack Obama,  who the fools amongst you voted into your Presidency STILL DON’T GET IT!

If you do not defeat the Radical Islamic sympathizers by voting for the strongest governmental defenses against them,  you will someday be forced to do so with your own guns.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 9/16/14

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