Gambling: Always A Bad Bet

Gambling: Always A Bad Bet

Years ago I was an activist against the legalization of gambling in America. I conducted and published a large review of the literature on the effects of gambling on individuals and on sub-cultures of individuals. The results of my studies strongly supported that legalized gambling was destructive to populations of individuals, families and to the long-range health of economies, micro and macro.

Strong evidence has been unfolding to confirm many of my conclusions. It is important to understand that human activities traditionally outlawed as “vices” were outlawed based upon faith-based wisdom; as well as bad behavioral outcomes among citizens and similar bad effects upon society-at-large, as witnessed by earlier generations.

I concluded that the wholesale legalization of gambling was an act of our declining culture, as well of increasingly corrupt government now preying upon its citizens for increased revenues.

I remain convinced that I was, and still am, correct in my judgment.

The following is a reflection of my concerns about the many deferred costs and damages of legalized gambling.

Tomorrow I will re-post a 2009 blog in which I lay-out the details of my opposition to legalized gambling in America.

But, for today, please see this.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 9/11/14

God Help Us on this 9/11/14 and beyond.

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