The Meltdown Of Obama Presidency: Why Obama Does What He Does!

The Meltdown Of Obama Presidency: Why Obama Does What He Does!

In the following interview, Bret Stephens makes a number of very interesting assertions about why Obama does what he does.

Some I can agree with and some I cannot. How about you?

Bret presents three different theories as to why President Obama has failed so miserably as conductor of America’s Foreign Affairs.

He notes that liberals like to say in theory A:

1. “The world is terribly complicate”. This is certainly true.

2. “America is in decline”. According to everything that I can access, and have since 1985 when I first began to write and give professional conference presentations, I must conclude that this is true. I judge that it is true because of liberal/progressive policies and cultural redesigns that have eroded the morals and values of the American population. In short, the mean quality of the American population’s behavior has declined. This decline has impaired the quality of all of America’s institutional outcomes.

3. “The President can’t control events around the world”.  “Control” is a strong word. But to an important degree, this is false. I would argue that American Presidents have historically “influenced” events around the world.  More often than not liberal Presidents have done poorly at world influence and conservative Presidents have done a much better job.

Many are in favor of theory B:

1. The President “is out-of-touch”. He is certainly not out-of-touch.

2. He is  “not giving his job his full attention”. There is an element of truth to this perception. Anyone who is suffering from Antisocial Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder, as Obama is,  will behave much as he does with regard to matters of responsible behavior.

3. He is chronically “caught flat-footed”. O.K., Does the Bear walk in the woods? He is purposefully undermining America’s world power.

4. He is “indifferent to the details of government”. There is also an element of truth to this one. See Item B, 2 above.

Theory C embodies Bret Stephens’ personal theory.

1. Obama is purposefully trying to reduce America’s “Foot-print around the world”. He is purposefully trying to diminish America’s influence because he thinks we make things worse wherever we intervene.

I believe that this statement is correct. I will also agree that what results, as Mr. Stephens states,  is a resurgence of world State forces that are the antithesis of America’s Constitutional Republic (Russia, Iran, China, North Korea, and the growing world caliphate of Islam).

But the deeper reality has  yet to be perceived (beyond the personality disorders  that afflict his honesty and personal integrity). The source of Obama’s real motivation is still beyond most Americans and also virtually all of our media commentators.

The following represents what I think is the most fundamental and frightening answer to Why Obama Dose What He Does!

Also, please see Bret Stephens’ interview below.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 9/1/14


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