Support Israel: Here’s Why

Support Israel: Here’s Why

No more needs to be said than is said and illustrated in the following video.

I feel very bad about all of the innocent death that has been necessitated by Hamas’ purposeful use of non-combatant families as shields from which to fire thousands of rockets into Israel.

Just as I feel very badly about all of the innocent non-combatants that were killed in WWII, i.e., Dresden and Hiroshima, etc.

To all of this I must simply say war is  horror personified. Don’t start or join a war unless you are willing to engage in the slaughter of anyone who is trying to destroy your socioculture.

But destroy them you must, or your way of life will be snuffed out. Take your choice.

You know mine.

Please evaluate the morality of  Israel’s fight to survive by viewing the video below.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 8/6/14

3 Responses to “Support Israel: Here’s Why”

  1. jplume Says:

    why do the jewish community in the usa support the wrong party and president?


  2. jplume Says:

    Why do jews in USA support obama and the democrats???


    • vtmawhinney Says:

      This is a question that I cannot presently answer. I have also wondered about this interesting concern but will not speculate, though it would be easy to do, at this time.

      Thanks so much for “calling the question”. I will put more thought and research into this matter and report what I find and conclude soon. Tom


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