That Many Millennials Learn Their Lesson Is Doubtful

That Many Millennials Learn Their Lesson Is Doubtful

The article at the bottom of this page states that a large percent of the younger voting population are understanding that they made a mistake in voting Mr. Obama into the Presidency. It gives 10 reasons why Millennials are defecting from his liberal/progressive politics.

However, it describes this youthful electorate as remaining socially liberal, while now becoming more economically conservative.

From my perspective, all this means is that they are an all-around selfish and self-centered bunch of voters. A social liberal does not wish to have their behaviors judged (i.e., responsible/irresponsible; moral/immoral, good or bad). They just want to have what they want and they want to have lots of money too. Millennials appear to have only become economically conservative in the wake of the failure of liberal economics with its adverse financial impact upon them personally. I doubt that they would give a hoot if it damaged others than themselves, such as the aged, or others who are disenfranchised.

All in all, what this means to me is that the so-called “millennials” want their legalized drugs, free-style sex, legal prostitution, pornography, gambling, open borders, abortions on demand, gays in the military, women in combat, freedom from military service, free health care, etc., (all liberal/progressive social policies) and lots of money too…(i.e,. conservative economic policies).

Based upon my historical readings and 72 years of social and economic experience, it is my opinion that no society will ever greatly prosper with a combination of liberal/progressive social policies and conservative economic policies, or visa-versa.

I believe that liberal/progressive policies are generally destructive to quality social, economic and cultural outcomes for any nation-state that adopts them.  Furthermore, any time liberal social policies are adopted in one domain (either social or economic) they will trump and damage the effectiveness of the other if its premise is conservative. If the other domain is also a liberal one, the combination will exponentially catalyze the liberal/progressive policies’ uniquely destructive outcomes.

The present Obama administration and its disastrous socioeconomic outcomes is a perfect example of the synergistic liberal social and liberal economic destructive forces to which I refer.

In other words:

Social Liberalism + Economic Liberalism = Failure

Social Liberalism + Economic Conservatism = Failure

Social Conservatism + Economic Liberalism = Failure

Social Conservatism + Economic Conservatism = Success

This is the way I see it. So, what say you?

The following is the article that I referenced at the start of this blog, it is worth reading.

V. Tom, 6/26/14



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