Hostile Citizens Takeover Of Washington?!

Hostile Citizens Takeover Of Washington?!

Governor Bobby of Louisiana has stated that “people are considering a hostile takeover of Washington”.

I hope you will read the text of Jindal’s powerful comments made in a recent speech.

Make no mistake about it: Obama knows exactly what he is doing. He is purposefully destroying America by subverting our Constitution and skillfully fomenting division and conflict amongst the citizenry, destroying our economy, flooding our population with illegal aliens, transforming our schools into progressive propaganda machines, emasculating our military and “hog-tying” our Congress in a labyrinth of fruitless corruption investigations, while usurping their authority.

Also, make no mistake about it: Obama has fully prepared America’s police departments, National Guard and other governmental military forces to crush any patriotic rebellions that are likely to occur.

Obama is not a bumbling incompetent President. He is an evil political genius dedicated to the destruction of America.

Do not listen to what Obama says, he is a pathological liar. Instead, only watch what he does! His behavior patterns will reveal the truth that his deceptive rhetoric disguises.

You have not seen an article like the one that follows:

V. Tom Mawhinney, 6/22/14

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