Assault Against Free Speech Hits George Will

Assault Against Free Speech Hits George Will

George Will is one of the keenest observers of political and cultural events in America.

It is an anathema to our First Amendment that he has been attacked by progressive organizations such as,  Ultraviolet and NOW, etc., for discussing the politically motivated expansion of the definition of sexual assault in colleges, as well as the adjudication of guilt or innocence by college tribunals, rather than America’s courts of law.

The same radical liberal philosophy that gave us mixed sex dormitories, as well as a lenient approach to drugs and underage use of alcohol (thus creating the perfect sexual storm on our campuses and elsewhere), now uses censorship to stifle even the intellectual discussion of all aspects of this social/political problem.

Welcome to post-modern, post-constitutional America!

In a democratic Republic, the people get exactly what they deserve.

V. Tom Mawhinney, 6/19/14

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