Read This Book: “The Road To Serfdom”

Read This Book: “The Road To Serfdom”

If you would like to know why everything, and I mean everything, is going bad in America. Get Friedrich Hayek’s old book and read it.

Of course Hayek does not name our current President Obama, but he describes his policies which are designed to literally destroy America.

His book, The Road To Surfdom will provide you with some essential reality therapy (he called it a “transformation”) .

It lays bare the American electorate’s terrible mistakes of the past and predicts the miserable future we are now living.

You can see the cartoon presentation of this book, taken from an old Look magazine. But I blogged a more in-depth discussion of this book and its central concepts in 2013. I hope you will also read this.

The cartoon presentation:

My previous blog:

V. Tom Mawhinney, 6/8/14

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