The Wolf Of Wall Street: Debouchery Personified

The Wolf of Wall Street: Debauchery Personified

When it is raining in the North Woods of Michigan, at night, there is not much to do.

So, we bought the movie video: The Wolf of Wall Street. Then we got all-cozy for an evening of what we thought would be high-grade contemporary entertainment.

As the video began, we six adults, all born the 1940’s and 1950’s, were at first surprised, then shocked, and finally disgusted at what has come to pass for modern popular entertainment.

Two of my family members finally left to read themselves to sleep. Four of us remained to marvel at what passed for R-underrated entertainment in our Post-Modern, Post-Christian, Secular Humanist, Liberal/Progressive/Socialist America.

An America in steep decline by every measure that I can conceive of, and now also in this movie that I was inflicting on myself in the name of low-level “scholarship”.

The Wolf of Wall Street is no less than decadent entertainment shat from the bowels of a uberliberal Hollywood obsessively devoted to the destruction of what few remaining traditional Judeo-Christian  values there may be in America. This movie is an example of Hollywood’s addictive substance sold to a growing legion of American scatophiles who delight in wallowing in its rank tsunamis of cinematic excrement.

Search on-line and find that there is something over 500 “F”-words used in this movie. The F-word echoing among countless other childish and gratuitous forms of profanity.

Some might enjoy the flood of full frontal nudity, and copious scenes of various sex acts…complete with a close-up view of the lead male blowing, what I presume was, cocaine through a straw into a shapely young woman’s anus.

If such as this is ones preference, then real XXX-rated videos would be a more stimulating measure of America’s decline.

All of this is brought to us through Hollywood’s coalition with the liberal/progressive/socialist popular news media, the public education system (i.e., Common Core), the Judiciary and an increasing percent of America’s politicians, including our current President Obama.

All of the above working in a coordinated and unremitting effort to cast America’s traditional ethics, values, Democracy and Capitalism in an exclusive light of unbridled greed and depravity.

Let me borrow a thought from an infamous 1960’s hippie activist, Abby Hoffman.

Don’t buy this movie, “steal it!”.

V. Tom Mawhinney, 5/8/14







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