America Is Going To Pot – 2

America Is Going To Pot – 2

At a time when virtually everything that can go wrong with former superpower and world leader America…is going wrong…we are side-tracked by yet another self-inflicted, self-defeating downward spiraling tail-chase.

Where we have legalized marijuana, the result is a cycle of costly problems and attempts to fix the problems that we just caused. These efforts will be followed by more problems and solutions to the mindlessly unanticipated consequences of short-sighted money-starved governments, businesses and a hedonistic citizenry.

See the Keystone Cop legislators of Colorado scramble in a panic of legislation to control the social chaos caused by legalizing marijuana in their state. And it is just beginning…

See this short article.

And now comes another unsurprising revelation: There appears to be emerging evidence that even moderate marijuana use may cause brain damage. Cognitive and motivational problems have long been associated with the heavy use of marijuana.  Its compulsive (some say addictive) use by many has long been observed by health professionals.

Is it not clear to you that a territory flooded with marijuana and marijuana laced products (cookies, brownies, suckers, etc.) will produce a marked increase in its use by children and youth? Do you understand that it is among them that brain damage will work its maximum damage to the future talents of America? Are you aware that our businesses and industries have long sounded the alarm that our youth are poorly educated and unprepared to provide what America needs to prosper?

In light of all of these considerations, is the legalization of marijuana and other drugs a good thing, or a bad thing for America?

See the following suggestive research findings.

Take a good look at America’s future leaders. Please tolerate the 10 sec. ad. You need to see this.

V. Tom Mawhinney, 4/25/14

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