Atheists Bash Jesus! God Help Them On Easter

Atheists Bash Jesus! God Help Them On Easter

I will have a little fun with this one.

Atheists believe there is no God. They believe Jesus was a myth, as is so boldly proclaimed on their sign displayed in the Wisconsin Capital.

I have known many atheists and some of them are good citizens. A couple are friends, though we do not talk about religion.

That said, most atheists that I have known are liberals and they tend to be progressive Democrats. Often, though not always, their ethics are situational and self-serving. Very often, they favor socialist-communist political and social philosophical ideas. These political philosophies are on a sliding continuum with one another. I invite you to check me on this assertion.

More than any other socio-political philosophy that I have observed, governments of this derivation embrace deception, propaganda, outright lies and even murder to solidify their control over their citizens.

America is now experiencing all of this in spades….we came very close to Governmental murder in the State of Nevada last week.

Everyone “worships” or dedicates their lives, to something…even the atheists.

Atheists, by definition are secular humanists.

This means, essentially , that they worship themselves and other people who they admire. They also worship the wisdom of humans to manage the universe based upon nothing more than their own intelligence and “good judgment”.

Ask yourself….with an earlier Christian America excepted, how is this working out for the United States at this stage of our decline?

The following should be enough to make the good atheists and agnostics side with the Christians!

Welcome aboard, We’ll treat you right!

Please see the following video and know that, against all odds,  it is time for Christians to push back.

V. T. Mawhinney, 4/19/14

P.S.1,  I dare the Atheists to attack Islam as they attack Christianity. They lack the courage of their pompous and self-centered convictions.

P.S. 2, And, just for fun: They are a  “bunch of chickens”!  ; – )

P.S. 3, Of course as a Christian, I would love to “turn the other cheek” to the posters of this nasty attack upon my religion. Unfortunately, I am currently sitting on them both.  : – )




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