Starving Animals Eat Their Dependents: Government Animals Do Too!

Starving Animals Eat Their Dependents: Government Animals Do Too!

When Animals are starving they sometimes eat their young.

Why should Government Animals be any different?

With a few exceptions, in recent decades America’s Governments (at all levels) have spent themselves into unsustainable deficits. Then, while continuing to increase their deficits, they have unceasingly taxed more and more consumer products and services and the businesses that produce them. This is tantamount to consuming a Government Animal’s own source of life.

Starving for money, the government began to legalize formerly illegal activities that were once called “vices”. These activities were called vices because when citizens engage in them they normally experience immediate pleasure. However, the activities are addictive to many  and this leads to long-term consequences that damage the individuals, marriages, and their families. This weakens the very foundation of the socioculture upon which the Government Animal depends for life itself.

The scenario is much like the child’s tale of “killing the goose that laid the golden egg”.

The Government Animals also become addicted because the vices provide them with a new immediately rewarding source of tax revenues. However, the long-term consequences for the Government Animal are the rising costs of population addictions, bankruptcies, sex- related behavior problems, mental health issues, suicides, crime and an increasingly debilitated citizenry.

First the Government Animals legalized pornography, then gambling, and now they are legalizing marijuana. Past behavior best predicts future behavior. It is now more likely that other recreational drugs will be legalized. There is increasing support for the legalization of prostitution.

Legalizing the vices is a sure way to increase tax monies to feed the starving but stupidly short-sighted Government Animals.

The Government Animals know to frame their various tax enhancing/cost reducing actions within the endearing prose of personal self-interest, personal “freedoms” and “individual rights”. This language makes an easy sell to those who, like the short-sighted Government Animals they support, do not understand that the age-old road to chaos is through “freedoms” that are ultimately destructive to the common good. It is for this reason that such freedoms have historically been called vices. For similar, but more spiritual reasons, these “freedoms” have also been called sins.

The starving Government Animals are surreptitiously consuming their gullible and oblivious subjects.

The legalization of abortion reduces costs to the Government Animals, and thereby feeds them.

Curtailing medical care to the elderly will reduce costs to the Government Animals and in so doing, feeds them. So will legalizing euthanasia which, without change, is also in America’s future.

Opening the floodgates to illegal immigration also feeds the starving Government Animals.

Obama’s deep cuts to our military budget is another desperate act  revealing our Starving Government’s panicked quest for revenues .  These cuts are being made at a time of its weak and ineffectual leadership during an increasingly complex and dangerous shifting world order (the ascendancy of China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, and more States hostile to America). Slashing the military budget is our Federal Government Animal’s famished and frantic money-grab risking the most horrific consequences imaginable.

There has recently been a growing measure of alarm among U.S. citizens as they watch their Government Animals spend themselves further into inconceivable levels of debt. Often the question is stated: How much longer can the U.S. print money and borrow it from its enemies before there is a sudden and cataclysmic financial collapse?

We may now be witnessing an indication that the end is drawing near for us and our starving Government Animals.

Just recently, it has been widely reported that the IRS is confiscating the tax returns of the children of deceased parents who were once given tax refunds in error. I take this to be an amazing indication of the , perhaps end-stage, financial condition of America’s starving Government Animals.

Of course, I hope I am wrong about all of this. We shall see.

VTM, 4/14/14


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