Jesus and Christianity Essential in America’s Classrooms

Jesus and Christianity Essential in America’s Classrooms.

Ok, I will grant you that in a pluralistic culture such as our own America, the worship of any one God is not going to be acceptable.

On the other hand, the reason America has evolved to such high levels of pluralism is because of Judeo/Christian acceptance benevolence to all.

The facts are that if it were not for Christianity America, its formative culture and its rise to greatness would not exist. Nor would exist its amazing population diversity.

Schools stripped of the ability to even mention the basic elements of the religion upon which this Nation was founded cannot adequately teach our children their own history.

The teaching of the history, morality and philosophy upon which America was founded is now splintered into group of disjointed events that omit the ethos of its being.

It is not a wonder that America is failing. It has inflicted upon itself a form of cultural Alzheimer’s disease. We now suffer from  a unique for of historical dementia.

I recommend the following as a way to reverse this pathology. This discussion is the most sensible discussion of the role of religion in public education I have ever heard.

 VTM, 4/10/14

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