Obama: No Ordinary Weakling

Obama: No Ordinary Weakling

My good friend Joe Grunert sent me the following letter to the editor which purportedly appeared in an American newspaper.

It was one of those items that floats around cyberspace and is repeatedly forwarded, for who knows how long.

A quick check of its validity found it to be a real newspaper submission and you need to evaluate the truth of it for yourself.

This is a little article that spells great trouble for all Americans.

Do you think it is the truth? Please let me know.

VTM, 4/7/14


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2 Responses to “Obama: No Ordinary Weakling”

  1. Irisheyez Says:

    Well, that was a very articulate article. I believe what is called out by the writer is all happening at a high level……just need another decade of this all and the common folks, like me, will begin to see and feel all that to be all too true and real.


    • vtmawhinney Says:

      Irisheyez, Thanks for your comment! You had better keep your Irisheyez open-wide! More is happening within our government than is easily detected.



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