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Common Core: America You Are In Terrible Trouble

March 21, 2014

Common Core: America You Are In Terrible Trouble

Tonight I am writing about ways to improve this nation’s education of our children and youth. I have been researching this area that I have not thought much about for many years.

Now, having focused my reading in this area, I am stunned and appalled at the massive incursions that the Federal Government has made into what, according to Constitutional Law, is supposed to be the exclusive province of States, communities and parents.

Governors generally appoint State Education Boards and communities generally elect their local Boards of Education. You may think that the community Boards of Education have a great say in the curricula and other workings of local schools, but they do not. They must follow the mandates of the appointed State Boards.

The Federal Government has made millions of dollars of available to States that adopt the Federal universal Common Core curriculum, testing, and  an exhaustive data collection system which gathers very personal information about students and their families. These data are then funneled to the Federal Government to use as it sees fit.

In the light of recent Federal NSA and IRS abuses of citizens, this is a prelude to unimaginable control and persecution of American citizens.

The Common Core curriculum is educationally regressive, even by today’s shameful standards. Common Core’s mandated goals are specifically designed to accommodate the market place and its mandated teaching methods are often unwieldy and, in some cases,  they are frankly bizarre.

The Federal Government is fearfully well-advanced in terminating State,  local and parental sovereignty in the matter of educating their own children. Furthermore, through cash awards (or threatened penalties) the Federal Government is imposing draconian Common Core data collection mandates and forcing States to help usurp parent’s and families 1st Amendment rights to privacy.

On the  matter of progressive and tyrannical Federal advancements into our educational system, I have personally been asleep in the wheelhouse, and so have most Americans.

I regret to admit that I am deeply shaken at our American Constitutional Republic’s debilitated and near-death condition. Perhaps the most successful way to peacefully destroy any socioculture is to gain control of its children.

I implore you to educate yourselves about the Federalized control of America’s educational systems though the imposition of Common Core on all of our children.

For most, our remedial self-study about the imposition of Federalized uniform education on America will take some time and effort. But this work, along with very powerful political resistance to Common Core, is essential to the survival of our way of life.

Please study the following:

VTM, 3/21/14

Rabbi Gives Practical Advice To America: Beware of “Fairness” and “Equality”!

March 21, 2014

Rabbi Gives Practical Advice To America: Beware of “Fairness and “Equality”!

I have had Jews as friends while I was growing-up, my father had Jewish friends, I have had clients who are Jews, and I have done business with Jews.

These relationships have all been very fine ones and I deeply respect the Jewish Faith as-well-as their traditions.

I am a strong supporter of Israel, so long as it continues to remain on the side of moral superiority and freedom for its people.

The Rabbi that you will meet in this video has some interesting lessons to teach all Americans. I hope you will take some time to listen to a very learned man of God who brings us great practical advice about preserving our historical way of life.

The video I hope you will view is in a small window at the bottom of this short article (it can be enlarged) . The irritating advertisement preceding this video is  over quickly…thankfully. 

VTM, 3/21/14

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