Global Warming: Fact or Fiction?!

Global Warming: Fact or Fiction?!

A dear friend of mine took exception to my recent blog: Global Warming Scam: A Radical Liberal Power Grab!

He maintained that, on the contrary, the denial of global warming was a conservative scam, designed to “stoke the fires” of the market economy and big business.

Well, folks, I confess that I am no expert in this area. Rather, I am just a psychologist, as is my dear friend.

At this stage of the global warming science game, it appears that there remains a great deal of strong disagreement among the so- called experts and I will prove this shortly.

However, presently, I cannot prove my perspective on this massively complex and important issue, any more than my friend can.

In science, the preponderance of evidence should be sufficient to consistently reject the null (no difference) hypothesis. That is, the Global warming data has to far outweigh the no-global warming data to accept it as tentatively accepted high probability.  The same goes for the man-made global warming vs. natural global warming question.

I am presently unable to see this kind unanimity among the researchers in this field.

I will therefore fallback on my strong personal values, learned in scouting and from my ancestors, who were mostly farmers and Christians who loved the earth that God gave them.

Our planet and local environments are precious, as are all of our natural resources. We must preserve them and keep them healthy and clean for ourselves and our loved ones who will live-on after we are gone.

We absolutely should “Give a Hoot and Not Pollute!” and we should preserve and not squander our finite natural energy resources. On this my friend and will strongly I agree.

On the other hand, I will assert that we had better not pour so much of our precious wealth into “green initiatives”  (or curtail our use of energy resources so severely) that we destroy our economy, dismantle our great military, and bankrupt our socioculture, thereby insuring America’s self-destruction and/or conquest in short-run: All in an attempt to avoid a theoretical cataclysm in the long-run.

Finally, as I see it, if we Americans do not improve the quality of our behavior in our day-to-day personal conduct, as well as the care and education of our children, we will not have to worry about any theoretical cataclysms in the long-run.

Below see one article documenting global warming and one article documenting the lack of it.

If you do a search of the internet you will find many articles, both pro and con.

You can decide for yourselves.

VTM, 3/16/14

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