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France: A Specter Of America’s Future

March 10, 2014

France: A Specter Of America’s Future

Ginger was kind enough to send me the following thoughts in response to my blog on 3/8/14, entitled, America: Stuck In The Driveway.

“I agree with you that America needs to wake up.  We are all Americans.  I have grown weary of the attitudes that think they have to put everyone in a box.

I relate wholeheartedly to this text from the Hillsdale College mission statement:”

‘The College values the merit of each unique individual, rather than succumbing to the dehumanizing, discriminatory trend of so called “social justice” and “multicultural diversity,” which judges individuals not as individuals, but as members of a group and which pits one group against other competing groups in divisive power struggles.’

My response follows:


Thanks so very much for taking time to contribute to this blog. I love the quote you appended from the Hillsdale College Mission statement. When many people hear the terms “social justice” and “multicultural Diversity” they have a warm feeling.

If people would only study the deferred sociocultural consequences of these sweet sounding catch-phrases and the political philosophy they disguise, they would see the truth. They are a significant component of a systematic strategy to transform The United States America into The Socialist Republic of America. This process has been perpetrated by both progressive/socialist Democrats and Republicans and it has been frighteningly successful.

Tomorrow’s blog will provide a real-time specter of our not-too-distant future, should we fail to reverse current trends.

The following video is “tomorrows blog” and it requires no further explanation from me than you will derive from its viewing. Stand-by for a strong message from the French.

VTM, 3/10/14

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