America: Stuck In The Driveway

America: Stuck In The Driveway

It was winter 2014 in Indiana and it had snowed for days in my cozy wooded neighborhood. My ailing neighbor was stuck at the end of his driveway, with all but the front tires of his car out in the street. There was a very narrow path around his back bumper for cars to get through. It wasn’t a big emergency, but something had to be done.

I did the best I could to free him, but he was hard stuck. Cars passed by and no one stopped to help us. A neighbor pulled into his house two doors down, but he did not help. A young lady came out across the street to shovel her driveway. She did not help. I finally asked her if she would lean against the front of the car as I pushed, she cheerfully pitched in. A young man came out from the young lady’s house, cleaned of his car windows and left. He did not offer to help.

My ailing friend and I commiserated, “in the old days people helped each other, things have sure changed!”  

Finally, a man in an old pick-up stopped and tried to help us, to no avail. He was a working man, maybe in his 50’s, dressed in working man’s clothes and  clearly used to physical labor. He was a comforting reminder of past better times.

There are many things about modernity that work against people helping others. Mothers and fathers both work and/or they are commonly divorced. So there is too often no one home to teach the children to take care of themselves, let alone take care of their neighbors and fellow citizens.

Modern technology, cell phones, computers, note pads, etc., have helped to isolate children from social play and interdependence. I think more importantly, for generations an increasingly socialized government has provided for more and more of our needs. As a result, people learn to look to the government and its agencies for countless goods and services rather than themselves, or each other.

Our dramatically changed cultural philosophy and form of government has significantly contributed to the increasing social isolation within our population. It has also increased our isolation one from another, by emphasizing our differences (race and ethnicity, gender, religion, politics and socioeconomic status, etc.,) thus stimulating conflict, alienation and isolation among America’s citizens.

We must destroy the source of our great undoing. Rise-up and vote the progressives/socialists/communists in both parties out of office.

Wake-Up America!

VTM, 3/9/12

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2 Responses to “America: Stuck In The Driveway”

  1. Ginger Krueger Says:

    I can relate to this story. Just occurred within the last hour. We also live in the woods and our neighbor across the street had a visitor that got stuck in her driveway. My husband went to their aid and spent close to 30 minutes working to free the car from the snowbank on the side of the driveway. An unknown passerby in a vehicle passed, stopped, backed up and proceeded to assist. With his help, my husband at the front of the vehicle and the passerby at the back the car was freed and everyone went on their way.

    I agree with you that America needs to wake up. We are all Americans. I have grown weary of the attitudes that think they have to put everyone in a box.

    I relate wholeheartedly to this text from the Hillsdale College mission statement:

    “The College values the merit of each unique individual, rather than succumbing to the dehumanizing, discriminatory trend of so called “social justice” and “multicultural diversity,” which judges individuals not as individuals, but as members of a group and which pits one group against other competing groups in divisive power struggles.


    • vtmawhinney Says:


      Thanks so very much for taking time to contribute to this blog. I love the quote you appended from the Hillsdale College Mission statement. When many people hear the terms “social justice” and “multicultural Diversity” they have a warm feeling.

      If people would only study the deferred sociocultural consequences of these sweet sounding catch-phrases and the political philosophy they disguise, they would see the truth. They are a significant component of systematic strategy to transform The United States America into The Socialist Republic of America. This process has been perpetrated by both progressive/socialist Democrats and Republicans and it has been frighteningly successful.

      Tomorrow's blog will provide a real-time specter of our not-too-distant future, should we fail to reverse current trends.

      Please consider sending my blog's URL to others you know who might think be interested in thinking about the things that I feature.

      Thanks again and best wishes to you and your loved ones, Tom Mawhinney


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