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As Time Runs Out In America: 2014

March 2, 2014

As Time Runs Out In America: 2014

There is yet one more class of events that progressive/socialist/statists systematically inflict upon their target sociocultures, and America is now a prime example.

As already discussed, these political designs must seek to destroy faith in a God, as well as the moral and ethical teachings associated with that faith. This is done in order to shift faith and dedication away from the church, family and cultural traditions to the increasingly all-controlling State. These traditional features of American socioculture are the foundations of stability and they must be destroyed. They are strong bulwarks  against the increasing power of the State.

When faith in God, the family and cultural traditions are destroyed, as they must be to further the extreme ideologies of the left, they are done so by leaders with no moral compass other than their secular and Statist ideologies, along with their situational (the ends justify the means) ethics. Can you not see this happening in America’s current political arenas?

The effects upon the citizens over whom Statists exert increasing control with various rewards, punishments and intimidation are profoundly demoralizing. As corruption in government becomes more observable, many citizens imitate its various forms, or they may simply become disaffected and accept a life of sullen dependency. In all of this the societie’s children imitate their parents and they also fall prey to an educational system which is increasingly secular in nature and increasingly the perfect propaganda machine for the progressive socialist government.

The perceptions, attitudes, thoughts and actions of citizens (young and old) are also powerfully influenced through the State-controlled news and entertainment media. The luxury of personal privacy is also diminished in all ways possible, thus damaging the human capital of trust, upon which normal social affiliations, as well as business, commerce and the economy are based.

My 72 plus years have taught me that nothing made by man is perfect, nothing stays the same, and nothing lasts forever.

Never the less, I am convinced by the history of comparative outcomes of political designs, that a combination  of “liberal democracy” ( the 19th and early 20th century meaning of those words, i.e.,  small and unintrusive governments), and the representative Constitutional Republic in association with free market capitalism, is superior to the other political, social, and economic options available.

It is understood that the purest forms of these combined attributes might not provide for a humane safety-net for those who are truly incapable of caring for themselves. Therefore, some form of limited social well-fare provisions are essential. Nevertheless, the development of rank socialism and the unavoidable sociocultural decline, that reliably follows, must be avoided like the plague that it is.

A Constitutional, representational democratic political system, with a free market economy provides the greatest hope for a socioculture learning to extend its own health and viability into a long future. So it still is with America.

To be sure, there are improvements needed in America and it has always been so. But, it is ever-more true so today as America’s very essence is being transformed by progressive socialist forces residing within its own population and government.

A dear friend has frequently admonished me that to simply complain about what is wrong with America, is engaging in an exercise of futility: He derisively calls it “admiring the problem”. However, complaints transformed to specific goals aggressively pursued with the power of an educated electorate and a vote motivated by fear and frustration, is not “admiring the problem”.

The appropriate sequence in problem solving does not include “admiring problems”, but rather it starts with carefully defining the problems of concern.

The next step “brain-storming” as many possible solutions to the problems as can be identified. Finally, the most likely solution to any problem must be tried and its effects are measured and evaluated. Should that solution fail, the next most-likely solution is tried and evaluated, and so-on, until a workable solution is found.   

This approach of trying a single solution and proceeding accordingly can work for relatively simple problems such as solving an electrical or internal combustion engine problem, perhaps even some other more difficult local social systems problems. But very few systems can rival the complexity of that of an entire socioculture.

In order to solve problems at the level of a whole socioculture,  the enterprise would best be guided by science-based theoretical guidelines. This is particularly true in emergency circumstances, such as when a socioculture is in a steep state of decline.

Yes, I am referring to 2014 America, now largely in the hands of progressive socialist revolutionaries.

The average citizen has little else they can do at this stage, but vote the radical progressives out of office and vote in arch-conservatives who will move to change the over-arching contingencies in America back in the direction of rewarding independence, creativity, hard work and moral behavior and not rewarding our current bad behavior patterns. 

Fail in this and life in America will become more painful and destructive to all of us .

VTM, 3/2/14

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