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Government Buying Unprecedented Supplies of Ammo? Not!

March 1, 2014

Government Buying Unprecedented Supplies of Ammo? Not!

I am correcting my belief that our government is buying up huge amounts of ammunition and distributing stock-piles to various agencies that would have little use for so much ammo. This story has been all over the internet and in the news in the recent past and is now being taken as the truth by many, including myself (until just now).

I recently bought a brick of 22 ammunition that used to cost $20, it now cost me $40. My assumption, based upon almost countless reports of our Federal Government buying unprecedented supplies of ammunition was driving the price of ammo upward.

Ammunition is much more costly. But, this appears to be related to America’s population’s increasing distrust of its government and its fears about the future. A great many citizens are hoarding ammunition in preparation for possible civil upheaval.

I was aware of dramatically increased population hoarding of ammo, but judged that massive and unusual governmental purchases had exacerbated this phenomenon. I was wrong.

The following two articles are unimpeachable resources that debunk this popular and viral myth.

I am embarrassed that I was taken-in by the largely conservative media on this matter. I am much relieved that a strong, Second Amendment supporting,  segment of the conservative media is setting the record straight.

Please read the following and join with me in an effort to exercise more critical analysis in sniffing-out the truth from among all of our media resources.

VTM, 3/1/14

Thanks to Robert Lutz for challenging my belief on this matter.

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