God Damn The Forces of America’s Great Undoing!

God Damn The Forces of America’s Great Undoing!

I cannot see any immediate hope for America’s ability to pull out of its current decline. Dramatic change will be necessary for that ever to happen.

Everything is in decline: Our economy, businesses, families, health care, education, the ignorant and barbarous state of too many of our youth and young adults, our freedom from governmental control, our space program, our immigration policies, our morals/ethics, our mental health, our trust of elected officials, our financial standing in the world, our ability to lead (or have a strong say)  world affairs, and much more. All is in decline.

It seems that every week I am stunned by yet another Obama administration initiative that is antithetical to the survival of America as major competitor and leader of the free world (which shrinks as I write).

Wealth is being confiscated from our middle class and businesses and it is being redistributed to an ever-growing hoard of citizens who are on the dole.  As I explained a few blogs ago, the culture draining population is consuming the culture sustaining population. Too soon there will be nothing left for them to take.

And now comes yet another major blow to America’s survival, perpetrated by the Obama Regime. Perhaps it is one of the final blows, the coup de gras, so to speak.

In a world, more dangerous than ever (Russia, North Korea, China, an unstable nuclear Middle East, and a World War with Radical Islam attacking freedom from hundreds of directions, our “Commander in Thief” Obama, is cutting our military to WWII levels of strength and readiness. He has also cut commissary savings and other benefits for military families as well.  

You can expect our most highly trained and experienced military personnel to abandon their heroic services to America. Who could ever blame them! In spite of their amazing, and too often, supreme sacrifices for America our increasingly dictatorial and socialist government has now abandoned them.

In my view, Obama and his supporters are traitors to America. They have abused and betrayed our military and all who have ever been wounded or killed in the defense of this once great Nation.

The Obama administration has traded our military for Food Stamps.

Also, by systematically deconstructing our Constitutional Republic, the Obama Regime has committed treason.

Treason is defined as 1. “The offense of acting to overthrow one’s government or to harm or kill its sovereign.” 2. “A violation of allegiance to one’s sovereign or one’s state.” or 3. “The betrayal of a trust or confidence, breach of faith, treachery.”

I invite you to take your pick.

God damn the forces of America’s great undoing!

Please see and listen to the following.

VTM, 2/27/14


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