Become An “Honorary Submariner”: Watch This!

Become An “Honorary Submariner”: Watch This!                                                               

I hope you will enjoy this peek into the world of the “Silent Service”.

Dive, Dive, Dive!

VTM, 2/21/14

Thanks to Lee Hornack for sending this to me.

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2 Responses to “Become An “Honorary Submariner”: Watch This!”

  1. Bill Dennison Says:

    Awesome video my dad was the medical officer on the USS Aberham Lincoln out of Groton Conn and out to sea when I was born. He recently went to a ceremony for the dedication of the USS Vermont and was thrilled to meet the Navy Chief of staff. He is very proud to be among the elite men that served in the silent service.


    • vtmawhinney Says:

      It is heartwarming to hear of your admiration of your father’s service aboard the Abraham Lincoln. I was stationed in Groton, when I was not in Holy Lock, Scotland. I did see the Lincoln while I was in. Tell you father “hello and best wishes” for me. Invite him to stop by my blog so we can talk “bubble-head talk”. Thanks for writing me this story. It was most enjoyable to read. Tom Mawhinney


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