Innocent Children: How To Protect Without Building the Government?

Innocent Children: How To Protect Without Building the Government?

The following is a very thoughtful Email I received from a friend and practicing psychotherapist about a discussion that she and her husband (a former high school history teacher) had about my last post: Culture Drainers and Culture Sustainers.

Perhaps you can give the concerns expressed in this Email some thought. I do not have the time to properly respond to these great concerns until sometime in the coming week.

However, I do look forward to this essential task. More later!

VTM, 2/16/14


Hi Tom,

David and I just read your most recent post over our lovely a sustainer breakfast. It sparked a lively conversation. Regarding welfare to families with children, the challenge is how to make food stamps, etc. contingent upon increasingly independent behaviors by parents without jeopardizing their children. Through “accident of their birth”, those kids are now dependent on their parents’ dependence on the government.  If laws change, requiring parents to find work and pass drug tests to keep their welfare (and their kids), what happens to their kids when parents fail their drug tests or don’t find employment in the government-determined time period? Those kids would go to families (who may also be on welfare), or government-funded foster-care. Or parents may have parental rights terminated.  These consequences would be administered through the courts and by other government agencies, thereby increasing the power of the government.  It’s like falling through to deeper and deeper layers of safety-nets in the society with no apparent rock-bottom.

How can this catch-22 predicament be resolved?  At a time when we want to reduce government as our overlords? How do we balance our spiritual values of compassion while behaviorally correcting the entitlement mentality that is so rampant?  These questions plague me, as I continue to ponder the seemingly unsolvable dilemma over my cup of Caribou Coffee – “Sustainable coffee is a big part of who we are.”  That’s what it says on the label.  Not manufactured in China, but in Minnesota by hard-working people who freeze six months out of each year.

Lisa and David

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  1. Doc Says:

    We’ve arvired at the end of the line and I have what I need!


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