Cultural Drainers Divided by The Total Population x 100 = % Social Entropy!

Cultural Drainers Divided by The Total Population x 100 = % Social Entropy!

I define social entropy as: The proportion of a population that is not available to do work to sustain a socioculture, and functions as a drain upon it.

Increasing population proportions of social entropy will destroy any culture and it is now destroying America.

I will label those who work very hard for delayed rewards, behave responsibly and avoid the many human foibles (immediately rewarding indiscriminate sex, drugs, alcohol, aggression, destructive behavior or other self-destructive and irresponsible behaviors), that do immediate or delayed damage to individuals and our socioculture as the culture sustaining population. I’ll call them “cultural sustainers” for short. The culture draining population is composed of  the hard-core “drainers”, who are doing behaviors identified above, who are on the dole and have found ways to gain welfare grants from the government for doing very little or nothing. Among these citizen’s are the criminals and those who are imprisoned.

It is important to note that children, teens, the elderly and informed, as well as those on entitlements that they have earned, (i.e., social security and medicare, etc.) by paying for them all of their working lives, are a necessary part of this analysis, because they justifiably require our support. Technically, they are part of the culture draining population. But, with children and teens are an essential investment any culture’s future. To fail in this costly investment is not only ethically wrong, it is cultural suicide. Without children and youth, there is no future. I do not want to put them in the cultural draining population, but in an important and beneficial way, they are.

The retired elderly still frequently contribute to sustaining cultures. They may do volunteer work in many places, they may serve as aunts, uncles, and grandparents who continue to acculturate our children and youth.  They may continue to vote and make financial investments and may be politically active. This segment of society is typically unable to contribute as much time, energy and talent to sustaining their culture as they once did, but they continue to provide important contributions.

When the aged become infirmed and incapacitated they become an honored member of a special culture draining population and society is ethically obligated to care for them as humanly as possible until the end of their natural lives.

Please note that unethical cultures will find it very easy to rationalize forms of euthanasia ” in order to humanly assist the death” of this now costly population. However, the unspoken immoral motive is very likely to be that of the politics of raw cost savings.

As financial and material rewards allocated to the cultural drainers increase, their numbers can be predicted to increase as a proportion of the general population. This is so because they more likely to be under-educated and therefore reside the lower socioeconomic class. Historically individuals with these demographics are more likely to reproduce at higher rates than the higher educated, more wealthy, working, tax-paying culture sustaining-class. This outcome is dramatically increased when the government allocates more material rewards to the draining-class for having children that they cannot afford to care-for decently.

If you now understand and agree with my analysis, it is just this simple:

When the culture sustaining population’s money is given to the culture draining population for not working and just having more babies, they will predictably have more babies than the cultural sustaining population does. The cultural sustainers are just too busy getting educated, working, inventing, volunteering, making money, investing, paying taxes, raising their few children and behaving responsibly to ever match the drainer’s reproductive rates.

Now the plot thickens:

The basic psychological principle of Modeling and Imitation, and many others such principles, insure that a majority of children raised by the culture draining, wealth-consuming, do-little or nothing parents will identify with their parents. When this happens the are very likely to imitate their ways;  how they think, perceive, show their emotions and how they behave.

Within the span only several generations (20 yrs. per generation), this complex and spreading relative growth cycle of bad (and useless) “behavioral contagion” can shift the socio/political demographics and power structure to the rapidly growing culture draining population. Unfortunately, this under-educated and underachieving group will believe almost anything they are told by their political curators who promise them more free rewards contingent upon their continuing dependency and political patronage.

Put coloquially, how can any responsible political party compete with a “Santa Clause party”?

The cultural draining population is generally under-educated in reading, writing, math, science, history and economics, etc., and they have been taught by their families and their government to remain dependent upon freely given rewards. They are sub-culturally blinded to  the long-term outcomes of their actions for themselves and for the socioculture at-large.  

Why would any psychologically informed person expect otherwise?

The political outcome for a voting Representative Republic such as America, or any other form of democracy, will be that increasing numbers of culture drainers will vote increasing numbers of their intelligent, but devious (even sociopathic), political curators into office. As a result, these political curators are in a position to take more from the culture sustaining wealth-makers to give to the drainers who, as a result, will certainly vote to keep them in power.

Of course this culture draining/progressive-socialist-communist dance of sociocultural death is ongoing in America and elsewhere. To make matters worse, more responsible opposing political parties are then induced to adopt more and more of their culture-draining political opponents ways in order to ever hope to compete with them.

Over-time the productivity of the culture-sustaining population will certainly be overwhelmed due to their continuing political and financial losses.

Additionally, it is the progressive/socialist tendency of states to grow massive and inefficient bureaucracies and to impose regulations upon all aspects of the societies as they strive for increased control. These inefficiencies further reduce the personal liberties accorded culture sustaining individuals and unavoidably reduce the quality of their lives. Also, the bloating progressive/socialist governments normally blindly impose even more of its controls and regulations upon businesses, further damaging its own economy. All of this stresses the entire population (culture sustainers inclueded) stokes more bad behavioral contagion and the spread of psychopathology/maladaptive behavior within the general population.

The costs of escalating bad behavioral contagion catalyzes a self-feeding population/governmental vicious cycle of decline and so goes the entire socioculture.

Can you not see this occurring in America?

Of course there must be a mathematical end to this form of social, political and economic self-destructive behavior. When the money runs out, there will be hell-to-pay in the form of economic collapse and social upheaval. At that point in a culture’s devolution, the government ‘is justified” in imposing even harsher controls on the population’s behaviors, as well as the various agencies and institutions, business and forms of commerce and the population is prone to revolt.

The following in a new end to this blog, originally written in 2/ 15/14.


Wake-up America!

VTM, 2/15/14


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