Is America Beyond Help?!

Is America Beyond Help?!

The following is an open letter, to me, and now to you.

I am Moe and Huck is my dear buddy and old Cold War submarine mate.



“I know we don’t agree on the demise of our once great country; you holding-out hoping that the voting electorate is greater than 50% of registered voters and thinking that if only they will exercise their privilege, the country can be saved.

I’m of the opinion that we’ve crossed that line and >50% are in the hip-pockets of our fallacious ninkinpoop Congress.You can lead a horse to water but you can’t force it to drink. Ben Carson the black neurosurgeon is spot-on when he says the public needs to educate itself, but there is no incentive to do so”. 



The following is my response.


You are a very intelligent and observant man. You are also a great patriot.

Therefore, I am fearful of your conclusion, which is a very real and miserable possibility.

With my blog, other writings, my private practice and the things I say to people… I often feel like a member of that poor orchestra, playing-on uselessly, as the great ship Titanic sunk deeper and deeper into the abyss.

The state of Indiana has now passed a law allowing hospitals and schools to hire and train their own armed police forces, with full arrest powers. As one police officer put it, “they don’t respect unarmed security personnel any more and the regular police often can’t arrive fast enough”.

The many first-responders that I know agree with me that our society is unraveling faster and faster and, within in the last 10 years, it has suddenly gotten much worse.

In the science of Chaos theory and research, they note that a propeller that turns at proper speeds does work in an orderly and efficient way. But, when a propeller begins to turn at higher and higher speeds its physics cycle into an out-of-control mode,  something called  “cavitation”. When this occurs the basic physics principles of hydrodynamics cycle into useless chaos and the valuable thrust of the propeller is lost. 

I believe  something similar is increasingly occurring to the useful principles of psychology and sociology in modern America. Moreover, I judge that this is as a result of a rapidly evolving Post-Constitutional dysfunctional political philosophy that is foreign to America.

I have come to believe that the only way to restore the effective functioning of America’s socioculture is to restore the Classical Liberal political philosophy once embraced by our Founding Fathers and all of Early America.

My only hope, even if you are correct about the percentage of our misguided population, is that the “silent majority” plus the low-information unpatriotic and uninvolved potential electorate will wake-up in time.

Why will they wake-up? Where is the motivation, you asked?

The education of practical and painful experiences are now unfolding before our eyes may catalyze such a re-revolution. Failing this, God Forbid, the motivation may need to stem from a greater cataclysmic events.

I will hope and pray that we will not have to relearn our age-old lessons the hard and bloody way.

Moe,  2/8/14

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