Informed Black Americans Speak-Out: Please Listen!

Informed Black Americans Speak-Out: Please Listen!

So many citizens of all ethnic groups, God-forbid it be the majority, continue to support President Obama and his policies in spite of their disastrous  consequences to America.

I wonder why this is…

Perhaps these people are devoted Marxist/socialists and, blinded by their ideology, they refuse to see what will happen to them and their loved ones as a result of this defunct political philosophy.

Perhaps they do understand, but live such miserable economic existences that they judge their lives cannot get any worse: Although they certainly will get much worse.

Perhaps they are bright idealistic individuals who have been propagandized in their college classes by Marxist utopians, for whom hope “heaven on earth” springs eternal: I.e., “If we can just get it right, it will really work!”.

Perhaps they are very stupid people who simply want to “smoke a little grass, get a little ass and have some fun”, as one blank-headed and stoned protesting pseudo-revolutionary once put it.

In any event, America needs to listen to the black Americans in the video below. They are speaking from the heart and they know the truth about one of America’s greatest mistakes: President Obama and his mirror image Marxist/socialist lying and cheating appointees.

Please see this:

VTM, 2/1/14

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