“Don’t Feed The Animals: It Will Make Them Dependent”

“Don’t Feed The Animals: It Will Make Them Dependent”

We have seen these signs in parks and wild-life areas around America.

However, it has become politically incorrect, and therefore socially punished in various ways, to oppose our rapidly growing welfare State.

The perfectly predictable results of this non-contingent largess is stunningly represented in the radio interview below. Do not miss it!

This radio interview will illustrate the obvious: humans behave like all other animals when they are given sustenance and material wealth free from any work requirements.

How could it be any different. Humans are either vegetables, minerals or animals. There are no other categories.

I consider America’s rapidly growing welfare state to be the traitorous work of crypto Marxists and socialists who tax the working class to provide sustenance and material wealth to a growing population of undereducated, unproductive, and useless citizens. A growing percent of this socially entropic population are barbarians: they kill, rape, and pillage helpless working and/or law-abiding citizens.

We all understand and respect the need to help those who cannot work for various mental, physical or age-related reasons. But these are vastly different conditions than the ones addressed above.

As our treasonous politicians cultivate their own highly dependent and largely ignorant constituency, they are destroying America in order to achieve their own personal aggrandizement and influence.

They must be removed from power or all is lost.


VTM, 1/23/14

Thanks to Steven Breunling for sending this radio interview to me.

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