America’s Mandated Worship of Humankind

America’s Mandated Worship of Humankind

In previous blogs, I have detailed many of the reasons that Marxist/Socialist sociocultural designs fail, and there are many. In general, these reasons for failure have implied that Marxist/socialist ideologies run counter to human nature and that they sap the morality, magnitude, perseverance, creativity and productivity from the behavioral potential of the populations living under these maladaptive rules (i.e., metacontingencies).

These arguments are as true and they are based upon the repeated observations of world history, and now, modern American history.

From a science of psychology perspective, it could not be different. If we ask why Marxism and socialism will always fail, the answer might be that all political systems eventually fail, i.e., they all carry the seeds of their own destruction within their designs.

While this could be true, it is too early for humankind to accept this as “Revealed Truth”. After all, humankind has never used the principles of the science of psychology to aid them in the design a culture, or perhaps the fine-tuning of a successful cultural design. In my view, the closest than any socioculture has ever come to a science of human psychology-based cultural design was the miraculously prescient design of America’s Constitution and the national experiment that exploded into world dominance within 200 years of its creation.

It is a fact that our Founding Fathers were almost all men of Faith. They knew that for their Constitutional Design to work, its governance had to be predicated upon a firm base of compatible moral codes among the governed. These population faith-based moral codes were superficially different, but profoundly similar, in that they were cut from Judeo/Christian Protestant cloth. In the past, I have written about the superiority of a Faith-Based moral code over a purely humanistic one and I judge that history, as well as important principles of psychology, have proved the case.

The Founding Fathers understood that governmental aversive suppression (fines, exclusion, imprisonment, torture, or execution) for citizen’s Faith-based beliefs and their thinking, writing, reading and saying what they wished would eventually lead to insurrections, escape, or the overthrow of the government. A psychological principle is that severe aversive control of human behavior creates a variety of diagnosable human psychopathologies, as well as displaced aggression and counter aggression.

Contrary to the propaganda of revisionists, (i.e., separation of Church and State), forbidding prayers or religious symbols in public schools and on other public properties, such choices were originally to be left to the States and their local communities. Such choices, activities and symbols were never to be forbidden by the Federal Government.

Sadly, from a psychological perspective, without the important effects of associational learning as well as reinforcing,  modeling and imitation influences of local community religious traditions and rituals, both within and also outside of churches, America’s moral and ethical behavior has eroded over-time. Can you not see this happening?

The Framers intended the American Constitution to protect the citizens from a Federally adopted and imposed or mandated religion, not to protect them from the public display of their own religiosity and attendant codes of ethics.

The effect of this “progressive”  bastardization of the meaning and intent of America’s Constitution was not to place religion in its proper place, i.e., the churches and the confines our homes. It was predictably, to supplant America’s traditional religions with a new one. This new religion is and atheistic secular humanism.

Secular humanism is the preferred religion of socialists and communists because it focuses a population’s faith in human intelligence and the power of a government of humans to achieve utopian levels of goodness and equality for all. It is the ultimate deceit, and also the ultimate conceit , that America’s Federal Government would outlaw the public practice of its traditional religions and mandate the public practice of humankind’s worship of itself.

VTM, 1/20/14

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