Chandler’s “Shadow World”, 3

Chandler’s “Shadow World”, 3

Robert chandler goes to great length to name and describe the various domestic and international action groups, University Conferences, the Andropov Plan under Russian Presedent Putin, as well as the Activities of Russian Allies dedicated to transforming America into a socialist regime using deception and disinformation.

Like Bork, Chandler noted that a legion of Marxist professors trained the next generations of activists who then entered the American social and political system. He noted that “they simply went underground and into societies positions in academia, the media, politics unions, business and non-profit organizations; others entered government” (p. 38).

In these positions the Marxist-socialists then launched attacks upon the values and institutions that Antonio Gramsci taught would need to be destroyed if America were to be transformed into a socialist society. This culture war would have to attack and destroy America’s religions (they misrepresented and propagandized the Establishment Clause of the Constitution, i.e., the separation of Church and State); they launched secular attacks against religious holidays and public symbols representing faith, and they promulgated media depictions of religious people as being narrow minded and hateful. They attacked the family because it is the primary institution for reproduction and acculturation of children (attacking through feminism, abortion, lesbian/gay/bisexual and transgender action groups). They fomented the  sexualization of children through media depictions of  early provocative dress and sensuality as well as pre-adolescent necking and petting, as well as disrespectful behavior by youth toward adults. They produced popular entertainment media depictions of grossly dysfunctional families and they lobbied for the legalization of pornography (frequently including simulated pre-pubescent adolescents and teenage and purported 18-year-old participants).

Last, but not least, the Marxist-socialists continued the onslaught of the “re-education” of America’s youth during all of their school years including college. This re-education process furthers the inculcation of liberal/progressive ideology that is antithetical to traditional interpretations of American History, religion, sexual abstinence, the philosophy of our Founding Fathers, America’s free market economy and  long-standing Judeo/Christian based moral precepts and ideals. The curriculum of the left, now pervasive in our educational institutions at all levels also includes heavy doses of information on political correctness, multiculturalism, sex education, and alternative life-styles.

If there is one thing to learn from Judge Bork’s and Robert Chandlers books, it is that the ongoing measurable “transformation” of America’s traditional ways of life and political/economic systems is a result of an intelligent ideology who’s goal (since the 18th Century) has been, and still remains, the transformation of the worlds governments to socialism and communism.

There is still more to come on this topic!

VTM, 1/17/14

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