Cultural Marxism’s Attack On America

Cultural Marxism’s Attack On America

Chandler’s Shadow Land is a massive book with hundreds of well researched and documented components assembled into an impressive explanation of how America’s devolution has been fueled by a very long-term concerted effort to “transform” America from an individual liberty-based Constitutional Republic with a capitalistic economy  into a socialist leviathan state. My intention in the several blogs to follow is to briefly summarize enough of Chandler’s facts to lend credence to his description of Marxist-socialist-Islamist efforts that are synergistically attacking, damaging and radically transforming America. I recommend that you take the time to read this book in its entirety.

Chandler noted that when the USSR died in 1991, that Mikhail Gorbachev’s plan for restructuring Russia did not relinquish goals to push for Marxist-socialist hegemony in the world. Instead, from the Gorgachev Foundation in Moscow something called “Cultural Marxism” was brought forward to become the new socialist game-plan for a world order.

Cultural Marxism was designed by Antonio Gramsci who wrote its nine volumes while he was locked in one of Mussolini’s prisons during the 1930’s. It was Gramsci’s works that were embodied in the “Andropov Plan”,  providing impetus to Gorbachev’s so called “perestoikda”, or “restructuring” of Russia.

I distinctly recall that there was American distrust of Russia’s peace overtures that were  called “detente”, i.e., an end to unfriendly or hostile relations between counties. In fact, it was in response to this Russian initiative that America’s President Ronald Reagan coined his famous rule: “Trust But Verify”. Gramscie’s renewed cultural Marxism was accepted by Leftists and in 1997 the International Gramsci Society was formed in order to use his ideas to undermine democratic governments and free enterprise. Gramsci’s strategies for cultural Marxism were adopted by leftists in America and informed their methods for destabilizing America’s institutions.

Please visit my blog again soon. There is more of this to come and it is imperative that you understand what is happening to your government and historical way-of-life.

VTM, 1/13/14

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