Chandler’s “Shadow World”, 2

Chandler’s “Shadow World”, 2

In his book, Shadow World, Robert Chandler discussed the tiers of a “political-ideological pastry. The top tier included “thought leaders” and members of “non-government organizations (NGOs) including anarcho-communists and anarcho-syndicalists.

There are the strategists guiding the operational commanders who direct Gramsci-embracing street fighters. By and large, one can expect to find these enablers in the darkest shadows of the world. Examples of leading members are the Washington, D.C.-based  revolutionary centers–the Institute for Policy Studies, the so-called ‘think tank of the Left, ‘ as well as the coopted mainstream media and politicians making up the Congressional Progressive Caucus and the ‘Shadow Party’ hiding inside the Democratic Party that has been seized by George Soros and the sixties radicals” (p. 9).

The second tier described by Chandler is comprised of individuals and NGOs that are more observable and have their own funding resources. He lists the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the National Lawyers Guild, Leftists in America’s News Media and thousands of Leftist professors at American universities.

The third tier is mostly comprised of NGOs that protest environmental issues, gender issues, immigration, race and animal rights.  Other groups include, the Rainforest Action Network, La Raza, Code Pink and the National Organization of Women (NOW). Chandler states that these organizations have been “co-opted by the progressive-socialist-Marxist propaganda and disinformation” (p. 10).

Chandler’s fourth tier of the “progressive movement” contains the street workers who are the street activists in protests in various cities in “North America, Europe, Oceana and the developing world”. He states that these individuals are largely student activists, many of whom are not ideologues, but are looking to have fun protesting. Chandler quotes one such student protestor who told him that it was about “smoking a little grass and getting a little ass”.

Taken together these four tires of the Marxist-socialist political action associations are a major transformational force in America and around the world.

There is more to come on my blog. You need to know about these forces of destruction in America and the world.

VTM, 1/14/14

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