LBGT and GLAAD Recruiting Our Children

LBGT and GLAAD Recruiting Our Children

LBGT stands for Lesbian, Bi Sexual, Gay, and Transgender. GLAAD stands for the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.

As a psychotherapist, I have worked with gay adults, young people and teens. I treat them with great respect, as I do their parents who are often trying to reconcile their own life-styles with those of their children.

When a relative or parent, particularly of a young adolescent, deals with their loved one declaring that they are L, B or G, it is often the case that they will find a way to accept and deal with that reality (in the event that it is a reality) , and still love and care for them.

Also often, however, they are not able to say that they can “accept” and “approve-of” the LBG life-style. I know that this sounds like double-talk, but it is often not.

If one has been taught that same sex-sex is wrong, and even sinful, for those who are of Judeo/Christian and other Faiths; This is not double-talk. It is  rather, a great, painful and difficult-to-resolve existential/moral-ethical crisis for them.

My role in such challenging conditions is to bring kindness, understanding, and mutual empathy to everyone involved.  I do  this in the hope that a rational and caring balance in conflicting deeply held attractions, beliefs, and values can be achieved for all involved.

Beyond all of this, it is important to understand that the large majority of adolescents who think they are LBG, are likely to soon change to exclusive attractions for the opposite sex. You may review the article at the end of this blog to see some of the supporting data for this assertion. This fact has been common knowledge among many therapists and adults knowledgeable about adolescent development and sexual explorations.

If this is true, and to the best of my studied knowledge it is, what does that say to you about LBGT clubs forming in our high schools? What does it say to you about California declaring that children, as young as grade school, can simply declare themselves to be transsexuals and be given full access to the bathrooms and athletic changing/shower rooms formerly dedicated exclusively to members of the opposite sex?

Well, here is my position on this matter.

As I have said on this blog before, I harbor no hostility or ill-will to the individual who is “not straight”.

I do harbor hostility and ill-will towards the political-action organizations that forcefully lobby for  such LBGT  changes throughout our society. They use fear of stigmatization (I.e., bigot, homophobe, religious zealot, right-wing nut, etc.), to intimidate those who wish to speak-out in opposition to their culture-transforming agendas. They use their political force to punish through loss of one’s livelihood, or even litigation, if individuals dare speak-out against their political agenda, or voice their religious faith-based disapproval of such life-styles and political actions.

All of this, in spite of America’s long-standing defense of free speech and religious freedom protected under the 1st Amendment of our Constitution.

In my view, GLAAD and other LBGT organizations are actively recruiting members from amongst America’s youth in order to gain political power and they are using the popular media, the courts, progressive government, and our public schools to do it. In this, they are perpetrating great harm upon the psychological, social, and sexual development of our children and youth.

We see in the news repeatedly, that GLAAD and company, viciously attack anyone who voices concern or opposition to their political and recruiting strategies.

If you think that such attacks and intrusions into the lives of heterosexuals are chance occurrences, or isolated events; thing again. Educate yourselves about what is happening to you and to your culture. I urge you to Google LBGT Political Actions Groups, and see for yourself.

If you are too pressed for time to conduct this little research project, just take a quick peek at the following:

It is time for the “silent majority” (most of whom are mad as hell about these corrupting political influences imposed upon their private lives, their children and grandchildren) to massively press their opposition through our political system.

It is time for a political counter-revolution against progressive, socialist, anarchist and LBGT radical political actions.

Wake-Up America!

VTM, 12/23/13

The following is a summary of some data on the instability of sexual “orientation” in adolescence and young adulthood.

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